Director cabin

Our shared seats are for someone that values the security of having his own desk & chair, but don't mind sharing that office space with other like-minded professionals.

Benefits of a Director Cabin

  • Sound insulated calm place with elegant, soft and soothing décor
  • Closed cabins lead to meaningful conversations and brainstorm session with visitors by maintaining privacy & confidentiality
  • Ideal desk able to accommodate laptop, PC, documents and stationery
  • Chairs ensuring comfort to yourself and visitors
  • Curtain fabrics with formal patterns and textures.
  • Customized AC arrangement – control temperature as per your need.

Amenities & services

  • High-speed Wi Fi
  • Cafeteria
  • Centralised A/C
  • CCTV
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Safety lockers
  • Cleaning Services
  • Common Areas
  • Business-class Printers
  • Social Events
  • 24/7 access
  • Phone booths
  • Front desk services


Director cabins gives a sound insulated calm place along with visitor seating arrangement. You can have meaningful and confidential conversation with visitors.

If Director cabins are vacant in other centres surely you will get. But if we can provide you shared space.

Private seats are the one where a group of people belonging to the same organisation sits together. Whereas, Director cabin is for a single person with a visitor seating arrangement. Also, you have customized A/C arrangement in Director cabin wherein you can control temperature as per your need.

Yes, there is enough storage facility to keep your files, documents, laptop etc.

Although we have some properties with dedicated parking, Parking depends upon the availability.

Director cabins are offered with minimal lock in of 3 months.

Yes, you will get conference room with monthly credits which you can avail per your wish.

Yes, visitors are allowed in a cabin.

Yes, we have virtual office services with some extra charge.

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